Youth for Christ ministry is both Challenging and Rewarding, As a Church leaders we are the catalyst for helping teenagers grow as a Disciples for Christ Jesus, We Counsel and Deal with the upset Youth who feel themselves Rejected, Condemned and Addicted to the worldly things,  We guide and show them the love and the care towards those who are Broken, Discouraged adolescents only with the word of God. Often, As a youngster we walk through the ups and downs in your Life, we are here to Support, Encourage, and Equip the youth with the ideas that will fuel their  journey as a Christ follower.Our leadership topics are designed to give them the knowledge and skills to guide them confidently. We will help them grow their own Inter- Personal relationship with Jesus.

Purpose,Goal and Vision of Youth Ministry:

The Organization of Youth Ministry:

Youth ministry is organized and structured to facilitate by achieving the Mission of Youth. We are outlined to maximize the sharing of the resources of the whole church in support of youth ministry.

Youth Ministry in Congregations: The youth ministry program has Four areas: Study, Worship,Service, Play and Recreation.

Youth fellowship Groups : It will be an integral part of the ministry of the congregation and will be expressed through youth participation in all the aspects.

Youth Ministry in Regions:
Youth Ministry provides a program of youth which includes camps,  conferences, retreats and various other youth ministry training events. We train Leaders in youth ministry  which include youth and adults. Leadership in youth ministry calls for a basic and dynamic concept of the ministry of the church of youth.Training will be provided with respect to the content of youth ministry. Participating in the global ministry of reconciliation that God has given to the church through action, stewardship, witness and evangelism.

We develop the skills such as teaching-learning methods, Tools for Bible study, community building, communication, conflict management, interpersonal relations, and intentional decision making.

Outdoor Ministries: Leadership gifts of youth and adults are developed in a strong outdoor ministry program, including camp and conference, retreat, and other outdoor ministry. A strong camp and conference program will benefit the Youth.

Communication: Regular channels of communication will be identified, Developed, and maintained for sharing their ideas,Development of other media channels such as youth newsletters, e-mail, and Internet resources are encouraged.