Children for Christ is a practical and authentic ministry ideas to help children become even better at what they are at best and leading kids to Jesus Christ. We advice and encourage Kids to be in the part of ministry with innovative Ideas


We seek to fulfill our mission by developing the following:

  1. Grace-oriented ministries, in which all children will experience the unconditional love of Jesus, find assurance of acceptance and forgiveness and be committed to Jesus and develop their faith.
  2. Leadership ministries in which kids are empowered, trained, and equipped for effective ministry to children
  3. Service-oriented ministries, in which children are given opportunities for hands-on service to people in their neighborhood or city, which could establish a pattern of outreach to others that may well continue through life;
  4. Cooperative ministries, which involve working in partnership with other ministries, such as family ministries, and stewardship.
  5. Safe ministries, whereby our churches adopt safeguards to protect children from physical, emotional, and spiritual abuse; to choose volunteers with high spiritual and moral backgrounds; and to minimize the church’s liability; and,
  6. Evangelistic ministries, in which children who are not enfolded in the church family will be introduced to the love of Jesus through outreach-programs such as: Vacation Bible Schools, Neighborhood Bible mission and Practical teachings.